Team Member Spotlight Victoria von dem Hagen

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Victoria von dem Hagen will be celebrating her 10 year anniversary with BRAC this year. She leads the team at BRAC by handling office responsibilities, scheduling, and communicating with customers whether it be regarding scheduled service or larger projects. Victoria has become an integral part of BRAC. Her work ethic, integrity, and can-do attitude make her a pleasure to deal with, and we’re looking forward to many more years with her guiding our team.

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Freezers Require Maintenance, Even In Winter

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Winter in New Jersey can be tough on outdoor commercial refrigeration equipment. It’s definitely not the time to lose sight of maintaining your equipment. Refrigeration compressor units that are installed outdoors must have cold weather controls to operate properly and maintain proper temperature in the cooler or freezer during the cold winter season.

When it gets cold out the refrigerant pressures will drop too low due to the cold air passing through the condenser coil. When this happens the space being refrigerated will no longer maintain the proper temperature. A compressor unit without proper low ambient temperature controls may sit idle and not turn on due to the low pressure. Don’t worry if this happens to you – Bergen Refrigeration and Air Conditioning can help keep your equipment running well this winter.

BRAC specializes in all types of commercial refrigeration and are here to help keep your equipment running throughout the winter.  Contact us for a quote on winter controls to protect your equipment and your product!

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Why Choose Bergen Refrigeration for Your Next Refrigeration Project

We consider ourselves partners with our customers. Our success depends on your success! Our people listen to learn what you want to achieve from your refrigeration project. We then make suggestions to help accomplish the task and your goals within your budget. Whatever your needs, we can install, service and maintain it for you. Our goal is to maximize system performance, maximize system service life, and minimize the cost of ownership.

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Spotlight on Chris Bovier

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Chris is a Field Supervisor and has been a fixture at BRAC for 31 years. He started working summers in high school and then moved to a full time position upon graduation in 1989. For Chris, his favorite part of the job is talking to customers, to develop relationships, and building refrigeration systems. His favorite “tool of the trade” is a torch. Chris has a sense of humor. When asked for a bucket list item, he replied he wants a bucket truck! The most challenging aspect of the job for Chris is always ensuring the job is done right. He’s a perfectionist and we’re not complaining about that.

Some personal things you might want to know about Chris include the following… His favorite place to vacation is Lake George, NY and Chris is a big Law & Order fan. Chris loves seafood, 60 degree days, his pickup truck, off-roading and playing Eric Church’s “Record Year”.

Frank says the following about this loyal employee. “Chris has been with Bergen Refrigeration his entire professional career. He is a wonderful team member, 100% competent in his craft, and the ideal example to his co-workers as well as younger up and coming technicians. Chris is great friend who always goes the extra mile to help! We’re looking forward to many more years to come with Chris!”

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National HVAC Tech Day

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June 22nd is National HVAC Tech Day! Today, many of us take the indoor comfort for granted. But it’s the technicians who keep our HVAC systems running, day and night. HVAC techs tirelessly brave the sweltering heat and numbing cold to restore our comfort, often on the hottest and coldest days of the year. They also go everywhere we hate to be! Crawl spaces, attics and all points in between—that’s where you’ll find an HVAC pro. They may run into anything from dust, debris and cobwebs to pests, mildew and claustrophobically close quarters. Best of all,your HVAC professional helps to save you money. Regular maintenance, provided by your trusted HVAC technician, helps keep your system running at peak efficiency. That prevents energy waste and minimizes wear and tear that can shorten the life of your HVAC investment. We salute our amazing team of techs and hope you do too!

Checking In With You: An Update from Bergen Refrigeration

Though we have all been presented with a unique set of challenges as we continue to persevere through the COVID-19 situation, you can count on Bergen Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. to be there for you and your organization!  We remain aware of local and state regulations and are adjusting our procedures & practices in order to continue to provide the service you expect.  As always, we are available 24/7 to our clients requiring emergency service.

Contact us by phone, email or through our website and we will respond promptly to schedule the service required on your equipment.

We are grateful for our community of customers and will provide any assistance we can to help you get through this.  It is with great appreciation we wish you well & send our thanks to you, our loyal customer.


Frank Casella

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