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Frank’s 2020 State of the Union Address

The die has been cast for another banner year. Blessed with an amazing team that understands the importance of relationships with our clients.

Old relationships continue to be maintained while at the same time we are selectively developing new business relationships. Our success for over 36 years was achieved by always guarding our client’s interest. Doing what’s best for our clients enables us to succeed and grow.

I feel very fortunate to have dedicated employees and loyal clients, a winning combination. My team has always exceeded my expectations therefore 2020 will take us to the next level.

Best regards,
Frank Casella

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Frank Casella 209x300 - Frank's 2020 State of the Union Address

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Spotlight On Our Customer: Nutra-Med Packaging

Nutra-Med Packaging located in Whippany, New Jersey has been a long time, loyal customer of Bergen Refrigeration. Nutra-Med is a packing company for Rx and OTC products to small and mid-sized business in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, and healthcare industries. The production facilities are FDA, DEA and NJ State Health Department registered and regulated; with 21 temperature controlled packaging suites. At a facility of this kind, maintaining standards is of the upmost importance and that’s where BRAC comes in. We understand the how important it is for Nutra-Med’s facilities to remain at the proper temperatures 365 days a year.

“We strive to offer our customers a turn-key service for all their pharmaceutical packaging needs, from packaging design through on-time delivery, while ensuring quality, managing costs, and providing excellent customer service” – Nutra-Med

Nutra-Med’s mission about quality compliments BRAC’s- we both believe in receiving the most current industry standard training and aim to build a culture that emphasizes it.

“Bergen Refrigeration has been an incredible partner from the first day we engaged them. They helped us develop the right solution for our long term needs, not the most expensive or easiest to deliver. They listened to our needs, worked with us to refine and perfect the design, and helped us to identify gaps we had not even thought of. The end result was a world class, fully redundant system, from the power supply through to the thermostats, delivered on time and on budget. I would recommend Bergen Refrigeration to anyone in the pharmaceutical industry.” Mr. Kunal Gupta, VP Of Operations

Outside Building 300x85 - Spotlight On Our Customer: Nutra-Med Packaging

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Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration and Energy Conservation

Not as simple as comfort cooling or heating. Conditioning a space allows the user flexibility to raise / lower the temperature when the space is unoccupied or turn the system off temporarily to offset operating costs.

The above approach cannot be used for coolers or freezers because the product temperature must be maintained constantly; changing temperature settings or shutting down the refrigeration systems to reduce operating costs are not options.

However, there are many options available to reduce operating costs of refrigeration equipment. New high efficiency equipment, variable speed drives for blower motors, air stratification fans, and energy management systems to monitor, log and send alerts. The above are high cost solutions which should be considered when it is time for replacement of equipment.

One option with no or very low cost and offers the biggest bang for the dollar, employee training to close the doors, Door Discipline. Typical refrigeration systems are designed to operate 14 to 20 hours per day. The largest controlled factor affecting the run time is warm air infiltration from door openings. High outdoor ambient another factor but can’t be controlled.

If you are trying to watch energy consumption and cost, we suggest giving this no or low cost practice a try. Though it may be difficult at first to add another responsibility to management and training may be required as well as constant reinforcement to break bad habits. Once established good door discipline can add up to substantial reduction in operating costs with minimum outlay of cash.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Bergen Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Inc. is here as your resource to help keep your operation running smooth!

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